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President of Boamax technology and his party visited Shanxi Automobile Holding Group for investigation

On March 4, Zuo Yue, President of Boamax technology, led Luo Xu, vice president, an Jianli, general manager of new energy subsidiary, and Wang Xuetao, general manager of equipment subsidiary, to visit Shanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Automobile Group"), which was warmly received by Liu Keqiang, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group, Liu Shuiku, member of the Party committee and other leaders.

President Zuo Yue and his party first visited the general assembly plant of Shanxi Automobile Group and the experience center of Tianxing Jianche networking. Zhang Xuan, director of the technical management department of Shanxi Automobile Group, accompanied and introduced in detail the production and operation of the assembly workshop and the big data platform of Tianxing Jianche networking. At the Internet of vehicles experience center, the technicians of Shanxi Automobile Group demonstrated the platform operation, and Zuo Yue, President of Boamax technology, had a live experience, and spoke highly of the digital level, intelligent production line and high-quality products of Shanxi Automobile Group.

After the visit, the two sides held discussions and exchanges. At the meeting, Zuo Yue, President of Baoxin technology, introduced the group's 20-year development process, business situation and next business ideas and development strategy. He pointed out that the rapid development and military quality of Shanxi Automobile are shocking! As the largest manufacturing enterprise in Northwest China and the first batch of enterprises to layout new energy vehicles, Shanxi Automobile Group has industry-leading advantages in the fields of new energy, intelligent networked commercial vehicles, electric heavy trucks and so on; Boamax technology has been deeply cultivated in the field of equipment manufacturing and new energy for many years. It is hoped that the two sides can further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in business fields such as new energy application scenarios and heavy truck power exchange, so as to achieve long-term development in a win-win mode. After listening to the layout and planning of Baoxin technology industrial chain, Liu Keqiang, deputy general manager of Shanxi Automobile Group, fully affirmed the domestic and overseas achievements of Boamax technology over the years, agreed with Boamax technology's accurate grasp of the market direction, said that this is very consistent with the development concept of Shanxi Automobile, and is willing to build a symbiotic and win-win industrial ecosystem with members of the industrial chain with a view to further cooperation in the future.