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Baoxin Technology: photovoltaic equipment + thermal power peak shaving project is in operation, and new business is ready to go

(1) Actively layout the three business segments. Baoxin technology has continuously optimized the industrial layout since its listing. At present, it has formed three business segments: CNC sheet metal and environmental protection equipment, flexible peak shaving project business and wet chemical automation equipment.

(2) The performance of NC sheet metal business is stable, and the profitability of environmental protection equipment is strong, contributing to the main profits. Baoxin technology's Industrial CNC sheet metal structure products have higher requirements in terms of size, structural complexity, structural accuracy, structural strength, functionality and durability. They are high-end products second only to military products, and their revenue is relatively stable. Environmental protection equipment is mainly divided into the R & D, design and sales of gas velocity and flow measurement equipment, industrial process analysis system and flue gas monitoring system, with strong profit and gross profit margin of nearly 70%.

(3) Wet chemical automation equipment: diamond line + black silicon line has become the mainstream, and there is a strong demand for equipment. Globally, polycrystalline silicon will still be the mainstream technical route in the photovoltaic field in the next few years. Black silicon technology has successfully solved the problem of diamond wire cutting polycrystalline silicon, and diamond wire + black silicon has become the mainstream technical route in the future. The company has successfully developed black silicon cashmere making equipment, and the industry has broad development prospects.

(4) Flexible peak shaving project business: solve the problem of wind abandonment, with broad prospects. The high proportion of cogeneration thermal power units and poor peak shaving flexibility are the main reasons for wind abandonment. In the flexible peak shaving project of Baoxin technology, through the configuration of electrode boiler and heat storage tank in the thermal power plant, th